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Dear All

 We are now using LETTERS HOME (eschools)  to communicate to parents -

 I have noticed that a number of parents have not activated their accounts and therefore are not getting letters and other information from school.

 Please activate your account by logging on to

 and entering your username and password that was sent out with a letter back in October 2016.

 If you have lost your login details please contact me -This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Mandy Pinnock

 Data Admin

 Oakington School Office


Dear Parents/Carers

 Your children will bring home  a letter and login details for our new communication tool, LETTERS HOME.  Please follow the instructions as detailed.

 On Friday 4th November I will send out a message via LETTERS HOME - if you do not receive it, please contact me  by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will look into it.


 Mandy Pinnock

 Data Administrator

 Oakington School Office (Weds pm, Thurs pm and Friday all day)

 01223 232328

Elm Class - Home time

Please wait to collect your children on the ‘patio area’ to the side of the hall and Oak Class at home time – the children will be sent to you one at a time by Miss Childs or other staff member.

If you wish to speak to Miss Childs, please wait until the last child has been handed over.

Many thanks.

Music Lessons

Please read the updated flyer about piano, clarinet, flute and music theory lessons in school or outside school.

PSA - Fundraising

Dear Parents,

Here is an important message from the PSA!

Since we started this 'easyfundraising' idea two days ago, the PSA has received over £5 in cashback from the retailers we shop online with!!!!

With Christmas fast approaching, I bet many of us will be doing a lot of shopping online over the next month or so! Well with literally a few clicks of a button, you can get the companies you buy from to donate a few pence to Oakington PSA! All the money will go towards supporting our children - whether it be through us buying new equipment for the school or subsidising travel costs on school trips! So, this is a really worthwhile thing to do. It only takes about 4 minutes of your time to set up, then everytime you shop, the retailers (such as Amazon, John Lewis, Sainsbury's, Tescos, Asda etc) will all donate a percentage of your spending to the PSA!!! IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE! It won't cost you a penny more!


Harston & Newton PTFA has raised THOUSANDS OF POUNDS over the last couple of years just with a handful of mums and dads doing this!

Thanks so much to you all for supporting us and HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!!!

With best wishes,

Your PSA Committee xx

Oakington Primary School

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Travel Plan

Does it matter how we get to school? At Oakington, we believe the answer is YES.We all know we should build fitness habits into our daily lives - starting young! We also know that cars cause global warming and clog up village roads. So we drew up a School Travel Plan to encourage everyone who uses the school site to get there as sustainably as possible.

Now lots of people are in the habit of walking, cycling or park-and-striding to school. The great majority of children would like to cycle, so we have become a Bike It school, with lots of activities to inspire and enable everyone to get on their bikes.Gold logo for web 2014-15

We have been awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold Bike It Marks, and a gold outstanding-level award for sustainable travel.

For all the latest cycling/walking/scooting/park-&-striding news, read the latest edition of "Better By", the school travel plan newsletter.

And for lots of useful tips on choosing a bike, helping your child to learn to ride, checking a bicycle and more, see the Bike It Cambs website.


These are some of the Bike It and Active Travel events to look out for over the course of the school year:

  • House Cycling - "Sports Day on Wheels"! A fun inter-house competition with lots of different sorts of cycle races.

  • "Active Travel Week" - a special week in which active school journeys earn housepoints and prizes.

  • Balance bikes - these are used in some PE lessons in Reception class and are an excellent way to learn cycling skills.

  • "On Your Own Two Wheels" - workshops for children with their parents, teaching children to cycle unaided. These are normally held in spring but if you would like to get going in the meantime, there are some top tips in the May 2016 edition of "Better By".

  • Bikeability Level 2 training - on-road cycling proficiency training for Years 5 & 6, teaching them to ride safely and confidently alone on quiet roads.

  • Playground cycle training - a day of off-road training sessions for Years R - 4, working towards Bikeability Level 1 skills, which enable children to ride on the roads with an adult.

  • Bike Club - an after-school, playground-based club, with lots of fun cycling activities.

  • "Big Pedal" - a national inter-school cycling contest which takes place in spring. The more journeys to school by bike and scooter each school can clock up over two weeks, the better they do in the competition.

  • Sponsored cycle ride around the school field - supporting our partner schools in Kenya.

  • IVC ride - showing the Year 6s moving up to Impington Village College how to cycle safely to their new school and what to do with their bike once they arrive!

  • "Better By ... Bike, Foot, Scooter, Park & Stride" - termly newsletters to keep you up to date and pass on tips.


The Bike It project was started by the national sustainable transport charity Sustrans, who still have officers in other areas of the country encouraging active travel in schools. Our school Bike It Crew is made up of around 6 keen Key Stage 2 pupils who help to plan and run activities, together with three adult school "champions" and other local volunteers.


The School Travel Plan was last reviewed in 2017.

iThe original School Travel Plan from 2010 is available to look at here (part 1and part 2) - the 2011 Review, 2013 Review, 2014 Review are also online. You might also like to read the school Policy on Cycling and Walking.

Many parents who responded to the School Travel Plan survey in 2012. The results are here for you to look at.


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